The Mega Man Battle Network Series: A Cannon-Filled Guide

Experience an epic blend of RPG-style gameplay and action-packed combat, set in a future full of virtual viruses and malevolent programs. Play as protagonist Lan Hikari, who must navigate this daring landscape.

This long-running franchise boasts six main entries, plus spin-offs and adaptations such as manga, anime, and mobile titles. Each game stands out, yet they are all connected by common themes and mechanics. Plus, returning players are rewarded with references to past events and characters.

Mega Man Battle Network is a must-play for RPG and action game fans. Enjoy deep lore, tight mechanics, and memorable characters. This series is one of the most beloved franchises in gaming history. So, dive into the canon chaos of Mega Man Battle Network – the ultimate battle of man versus machine versus continuity!

How Does The Mega Man Battle Network Series Fit Into Cannon

To understand the canon status of the Mega Man Battle Network Series with the classic Mega Man and Mega Man X series, our solution is to examine the connectivity. In the upcoming sub-sections, we will briefly explore each series’ connections and how it fits into the canon of the Mega Man universe.

Examining The Connectivity With The Classic Mega Man Series

Delving into MegaMan Battle Network’s intertextuality, we must understand its link to Classic Mega Man. Clues, Easter eggs and character designs can help us find a new understanding.

We’ve summarized our findings in a table:

Battle Network takes place in 200XSame as Classic Mega Man
ProtoMan & Bass appear in both seriesShared universe
Lan Hikari’s design is reminiscent of Classic Mega Man’s protagonistIntertextual reference

These connections don’t suggest a direct continuation from Classic Mega Man. We can conclude that Battle Network exists in the same world and timeline.

Keiji Inafune, the original developer, created Battle Network to introduce a new audience to Mega Man. He also gave older fans nostalgic nods, cementing the franchise.

Examining The Connectivity With The Mega Man X Series

Connections between Mega Man Battle Network and Mega Man X have intrigued many fans. A table of similarities and differences will help us explore the link.

Mega Man X SeriesMega Man Battle Network Series
Main CharacterMega Man XLan Hikari
LocationMaverick Hunters HQCyberworld

The characters and location differ, but both series share a common enemy. There are also similar themes, like viruses and corruption, between the two.

Although there’s no direct connection, the Mega Man franchise suggests a shared universe or timeline. ProtoMan first appeared in ‘Mega Man Battle Network 2’ (2001). This game has more inconsistencies than a toddler’s daycare story.

Examining The Inconsistencies In The Mega Man Battle Network Series

To examine the inconsistencies in the Mega Man Battle Network series with respect to the classic Mega Man series canon and Mega Man X series canon, delve into the subsections of this section. The subsections will provide you with a brief understanding of all the discrepancies that you’ll encounter while playing the game.

Inconsistencies With The Classic Mega Man Series Canon

It’s interesting to see how the Classic Mega Man series connects to Mega Man Battle Network. Let’s compare the differences and find out if they share a common canon and how their story aligns.

Column 1Column 2Column 3
Classic SeriesBattle Network SeriesInconsistencies
Dr. Light and Dr. Wily were high school friends.Lan Hikari and Chaud Blaze are fierce rivals.No connection between characters.
Mega Man battles infamous Robot Masters.Mega Man.EXE fights the criminal organization WWW.Different villains.
Action-packed adventures and platforming gameplay.Battle Network: Hacking mechanics more than action.Different playstyle.

The discrepancies between Classic Mega Man and Mega Man Battle Network make it clear that they are distinct, but still have a few shared features, like core elements.

In conclusion, each series has its own fanbase. Despite the inconsistencies, fans are keen to experience new versions of familiar characters.

Pro Tip: Examining the inconsistencies in a game can add extra layers to its plot and provide thrilling surprises for future franchises. So why bother about canon when you can just shoot some robots?

Inconsistencies With The Mega Man X Series Canon

The Mega Man Battle Network series has quite a few inconsistencies with the Mega Man X Series. This has made some fans angry, as they think this is a breach of the lore.

The look of the main characters changed a lot, to suit a younger audience. The battle system also changed, becoming card-based instead of the traditional style.

Some characters from the original Mega Man X Series appear, but their backgrounds are different. Also, Net Navis and viruses are portrayed differently.

But, if you accept these differences, it might give you a new view of the lore. It could even open up exciting possibilities for future games in the franchise! No matter what, Mega Man Battle Network series will always have a special place in the hearts of fans – like E-Tanks and Game Overs.

Conclusion: The Place Of The Mega Man Battle Network Series In The Mega Man Canon

The Mega Man Battle Network series has a special place in the Mega Man universe. It offers a mix of RPG and action gameplay. In this alternate future, the internet is a physical world, and Lan Hikari operates his Navi, MegaMan.EXE, to combat computer viruses and ‘navis’.

The events of Battle Network happen after Classic Mega Man but before X, Zero and ZX timelines. Developed by Capcom, the series sold over 5 million copies worldwide on the Game Boy Advance. It is part of the wider Mega Man saga due to its unique gameplay.

If you’re part of a gaming community and want to fully enjoy this series, there are playthroughs guides online. Don’t miss out on this beloved series! Even outside the story, these titles provide fun and fulfilling adventures.